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Lee Family Series. Set Three. Books 1- 12

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Full name of Author - William Joseph
Full name of Illustrator - Jack Ip
Full name of Publisher - JWD Books
Full name of Book Series - Lee Family Series
Readership Level - Young reader 3-6 years old

Description of each book:

Book 1: Hello Everyone!
Language Focus: Greetings
Description: Say ‘Hello’ to the Lee Family

Book 2: Our Family
Language Focus: Family Members
Description: Let’s meet the Lee Family

Book 3: In the Classroom
Language Focus: Classroom Instructions
Description: It’s a special day at Kitty’s school

Book 4: Pencil Case Surprise
Language Focus: Items of Stationery
Description: Guess what’s inside Martin’s pencil case…

Book 5: The Painting
Language Focus: Describing Animals
Description: The Lee Family goes to a painting shop

Book 6: Kitty’s Letter
Language Focus: Appearance and Body Parts
Description: Kitty tells her pen-friend about her family

Book 7: Martin’s Toys
Language Focus: Toys
Description: Martin and Kitty play a game together

Book 8: Stop! Thief!
Language Focus: Clothes and Colours
Description: Martin helps to catch a thief

Book 9: A Mouse in the House
Language Focus: Prepositions
Description: Who can catch the mouse?

Book 10: At the Zoo
Language Focus: Adjectives and Body Parts
Description: Can Kitty answer the animal riddles?

Book 11: The Talent Show
Language Focus: ‘ing’ Verbs
Description: What is Martin doing in the Talent Show?

Book 12: Ping’s Day Out
Language Focus: ‘ing’ Verbs
Description: The children and Benson go to the park