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盤點清貨低至$8/本~ 只限順豐到付或石門自取
盤點清貨低至$8/本~ 只限順豐到付或石門自取

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

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A 2019 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students: K-12 (National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Book Council). Travel the world with the Sounds of Nature series - press the note in each of the 10 habitats to hear vivid recordings of over 60 different bird sounds. The Sounds of Nature series brings the natural world to life with the sounds of real animals recorded in the wild. Captivating edge-to-edge illustrations show animals in action in their habitats around the globe. The animals are numbered in the order they can be heard, with fascinating facts and descriptions of the sounds they make, so you can listen out for each one. A speaker set into the back cover plays a sound clip when you press firmly on the note in each illustration. The battery is already installed, so simply open and explore. In World of Birds, discover these amazing habitats: rainforest of New Guinea; Himalayan Mountains; Sonoran desert; North American prairie; English woods; Antarctic ice and ocean; Lake Nakuru in Kenya; city of Paris, France; Atlantic Ocean off Africa; and Australian outback. Listen to these wonderful places come to life as you hear the: Clackety alarm call of a roadrunner as it battles a rattlesnake (Sonoran desert) Low-pitched twoo-twoo of a burrowing owl (prairie) Drumming sound of a spotted woodpecker (English forest) Chattering of emperor penguin chicks, and the longer answering call from their parents (Antarctic) Screeching call of a peregrine falcon (Paris) Loud cackling of a laughing kookaburra (Australian outback) Let your imagination take flight as your soar, perch and step with these incredible birds!