About Us & Our Social Mission

繪本公館是一家由單親或有特別家庭需要的媽媽營運的繪本書店及圖書館。我們從英國、美國及台灣搜羅最優質兒童圖書、遊戲及家具,希望推動親子共讀、共玩、共創,並鼓勵共享資源及升級再造,減少對環境的影響。(註: 圖書館服務目前暫只提供予機構或社工轉介的有需要家庭,多謝留意)

Open House is an amazing children bookshop and library (almost entirely) run by single mothers or mothers with special family needs. We make it easy and enjoyable to discover and share great children books, games and furniture from the UK, US and Taiwan - so every parent and child can have more quality time together, with wholesome choices and great fun, without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

Our Social Mission:

As a social enterprise, we commit to generating positive social and environmental impact through the provision of products and services that are uniquely valuable to you and the community.  

1. Empower Single Mothers

This amazing online bookshop is almost entirely run by single mothers from the local community.  We work closely with our NGO partner, Caritas Hong Kong, to ensure there is a suitable working environment for them and their kids and offer capacity building programmes to help them lead self-sufficient lives.
SDG8 Decent Work

2. Support Disadvantaged Children

We commit to providing our home library service (coming soon), free of charge, to disadvantaged children living in Hong Kong through our NGO partners, including those living in sub-divided flats, who are from an ethnic minority group, or are otherwise living in poverty.

3. Promote Circular Living

We all know the problem about buying things: Cars are parked 92% of the time. Books are shelved 95% of the time. It is expensive, and a massive waste of resources! We commit to providing a home library service (coming soon) of great children books, games and furniture, so every parent and kid can enjoy more quality time together with wholesome choices and great fun, without causing unnecessary harm to our environment. 

Commitment to Our Social Mission:

We commit to reinvesting, or donating to a recognized charity, at least 65% of any net profits made into achieving our social mission.


We are proudly funded by:

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Youth Innovation Inclusion Entrepreneurship Programme

Many thanks to our angel investors, pro bono advisors, supporters and friends:

  1. Caritas Hong Kong
  2. Dream Impact
  3. Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. Mr CHONG Chan Yau, Chairman of CarbonCare Asia
  5. Hogan Lovells
  6. Luk & Partners, in association with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
  7. White & Case
  8. LLAB Design
  9. In-visible Creatives
  10. Future Action Base (a social venture action lab)

We are a recognized social enterprise listed on:

Recognized Social Enterprise (Certification Mark)